Phase I (ESA) Investigations

The Phase I ESA involves a review of records, a site inspection, and interviews with owners, occupants, neighbors and local government officials. While sampling and laboratory analysis are not always included in this phase, they should be conducted by an environmental professional trained in the appropriate standards.  Contact HVN for a quote today! Please include the property address in your inquiry.

Phase II Investigations

If a Phase I ESA identifies potential contamination of the site by hazardous materials, a Phase II ESA may be conducted. The Phase II ESA includes sampling and laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of hazardous materials. Some of the tests that may be performed include: surficial soil and water samples,subsurface soil borings, groundwater monitoring well installation, sampling, and analysis (may be appropriate on neighboring properties as well to determine the presence of contamination),drum sampling (if any were left on the property), sampling of dry wells, floor drains and catch basins, transformer/capacitor sampling for Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), geophysical testing for buried tanks and drums , tesing of underground storage tanks.
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UST Testing/Removal

Need Underground Storage Tank (UST) testing and/or removal? HVN is highly experienced and will be happy to provide you with a quote!


Environmental Services

HVN has a wide array of professional experience to offer customers. Whether the client needs a Phase I or Phase II investigation, environmental remediation, UST tank removal or expert witness, we’ve got you covered!

All HVN work is held in the strictest of confidence and is protected by the ethics of professional engineers experienced in hazardous materials and waste management. As a full services organization, HVN can also assist with any additional services that may be required.

Health Risk Assessments

HVN works  with certified toxicologists to conduct Health Risk Assessments following U.S. EPA version of the Johnson and Ettinger vapor intrusion model.


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